Canon 1DX Teardown and Review

Canon 1DX Review Teardown 041 Macro

Galleries:Disassembly:Mirror Box:Shutter:Mirror Driving Plate:Shutter Motor:Mirror + Submirror:CMOS Sensor:Main PCB:Bottom PCB:RGB Metering PCB:Top PCB:Power Management PCB:Interface PCB:Connectors PCB:CF Card PCB:Battery Connector PCB:Top Cover:Rear Cover:Front Cover:Connector Cover:Main Frame:Viewfinder:Rubbers:Other Parts:Battery:Charger: 

Nikon D800 Teardown and Review

Nikon D800 Review Teardown 019 Macro

Galleries:Disassembly:CMOS Sensor:Digital PCB:DC-DC Power PCB:Power Distribution PCB:Flash PCB:CF Card Connector PCB:Connector PCB's:Inertial Sensors:Mirror Box:L-Plate (PLASTIC !!):Mirror + Submirror:Mirror Box Flex PCB 1Mirror Box Flex PCB 2Aperture Control Unit + Motor:Focus Motor:Lens Release Assy:Shutter:Shutter Motor: Top Cover:Rear Cover:Main Frame:SD-CF-Card-Cover:Connector / Side Cover:Front Cover:Bottom Cover:Viewfinder Cover:Rubbers: 

Nikon D50 Teardown and Review

Nikon D50 Review Teardown 039 External

Video:         Galleries:Disassembly:CCD Sensor:Digital PCB:Power PCB:Main PCB:Sub-Main PCB:Flash PCB:Mirror Box:Exposure Sensor:Autofocus Motor:Main Motor:Aperture Control: Shutter:Pentaprism:Viewfinder:Top Cover:Rear Cover:Main Frame:Grip:Side Cover:Front Cover:Bottom Cover: